Here is some mapping data for the SW Ridge of Chopicalqui that I mentioned during the course.
The KMZ file will overlay the map with the route onto Google Earth.  You can then change the opacity on the sidebar of Google Earth located near the middle of the sidebar.
KMZ File

The KML file will just overlay the route/line on Google Earth.  It can also have it’s opacity scrolled.  When you have both the KML and KMZ file open make sure the one you want to adjust the opacity is highlighted.  The opacity only adjusts the file highlighted.
KML File

Here is the GPX file for the route.

Finally here are the GeoPDF maps that you can import into a phone via the Avenza PDF Maps app.  This will sync with your phone’s GPS to give you the blue dot.  Avenza allows you to import maps via iTunes or using the QR code or the URL.  The easiest way is either the QR or URL This is the URL:

This is the QR Code:

Here is a GeoPDF of the Satellite photo that will work in Avenza

This is the QR Code for that

I hope this info is helpful.