Ice Climbing

New Hampshire is ice climbing. This is one of the first areas in the USA where ice climbing began. The climbing here is diverse, can be very accessible and has lots of terrain that has no or very limited avalanche risk.  Ice climbing is what we do from mid December to mid to late March with the occasional trip in early April.  Because of the accessibility the short days of early winter have less of an impact on your experience, we have plenty of time to get a solid day of climbing in without long approaches or descents.  Our ice climbs are often grouped together giving us the ability to sample the diversity of climbs in just one day.

If you are a rock climber that wants to try the sport for the first time I supply the specialized equipment so you do not have to purchase or rent.  All you need is the proper winter clothing.  No need for super special clothing either, just what you would hike in.  If there is any equipment you want to invest in I would recommend gloves be your focus.

If you have been putting off ice climbing because of the cold expect to be surprised.  Sure it’s cold out but a well managed day of ice climbing should keep you moving such that on most days the cold although always there isn’t as big of an issue as you might think.  Hope to climb with you soon.


Waterfall Ice

This course is for the beginner climber, gym climber, rock climber or technical mountaineer who wants the steep ice experience. Technical climbing experience isn’t a must. We will have you on the steeps in no time.
Maximum Ratio 3:1
Suggested number of days 1 to 3
Equipment List

Learn to Lead Ice

This is an intensive course that is only appropriate for climbers who are already competent seconding on both low and high angled ice and snow.
Most people who meet the criteria above leave the course having lead a number of substantial pitches!
Maximum Ratio 2:1
Suggested number of days 2 or 3
Equipment List

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