Month: May 2020

Mountain Biking -–––> Mapping -––––> Python

In the last two months I started to learn how to write Python code. For me to learn I needed to simultaneously take an online course and work on a project that motivates me. When I started working on this I figured I might get something done in 6-8 months. Fortunately I wrote a program that is very useable for me. The Python journey started because of maps and maps got started because of climbing, skiing and mountain biking.

The other day I did a fun ride over in the Black Cap area here in North Conway. The ride I did was up Hurricane Mountain Rd, onto the Black Cap Trail to the Cranmore connector, down the Hurricane Trail to the Red Tail, up the Red Tail back to the connector, down the connector to Kandagnar,  down that and back to the start. 

I ran a track while I went on my ride and when I got home I used my new program to break it up into legs. The program allows me to break it up anyway I would like and then it gives me data like speed, time, Munter pace, elevation gain and loss, along with other data. That is the function of the program is that after the fact I can get data for any section. Here is how it come out of the program .txt file . Below is a cleaned up version that took me a few minutes in Word to make it more readable.

Click here the map for a geopdf map.                                                                                                                                                     Click here for the .pdf trip plan

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