Month: February 2018

Gran Paradiso Digital Map

The first time I guided the Gran Paradiso I was surprised at the maps I could get. I couldn’t find any digital maps of the area beyond the TF Outdoors layer you find in Caltopo and other apps, and the paper maps were vague. One of the things I wanted to do as I learn to make maps is to work on areas that are not very well covered. My goal is to progress in the quality so if I start with areas that are poorly covered my early maps might still be useful. I also wanted to pick areas that get a fair amount of traffic so the Gran Paradiso fit that bill. ┬áThe map is still a work in progress but I have made some advancements since my last post on maps. I am now not just able to put a map on Caltopo but I am putting layers on so I can adjust the opacity to create the look that best suits the needs of the user. Below is a video I made to show you the result. My next goal will be to configure an off site server that is more permanent than my current system which should speed up the rendering and make the layers available all the time.



Posted by Marc Chauvin in Climbing and Avalanche Education, Maps