Marshall Property Trails

The Marshall Conservation Area is Town Conservation Land that has been recently acquired. White Mountain Chapter of NEMBA has been quite busy building trails and upgrading and relocating older trails. Please assist them in any way you can WMMBA. My understanding is that there will be more work done over the next few years so the map below may start omitting trails or be in error.  The trails on this map were as accurate as I could make them as of late Fall 2016.  I will try to keep up with changes and update as often as possible.

The parking for the Marshall Property is 2.2 miles from the lights in Conway right where West Side Road crosses the railroad tracks. The Marshall Property’s Trails link nicely with the cliff area via the Mineral Mine Trailhead (shown on map) and the High School Loop Trail (not shown on map)  This means that for the most part you can ride single track trails from the Marshall Property to the Upper Stoney Trail that leads to the summit of Whitehorse.  With a bit more dirt road riding and double track (snowmobile trail) you can get roughly to the halfway point of the Cathedral Road giving access to the top of Cathedral. The map is a Geopdf and will interface with the GPS in your phone if you use the Avenza App. Click the photo below for the Marshall Property Map

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