Cliff Area MBT Trails

Cathedral and Whitehorse are both known for rock climbing but they are also a centerpiece of the mountain bike trails in that area.  Good cross country, nice downhills, technical uphills and great views make this area a fun and interesting place to ride.  You’ll notice a high density of trails around Echo Lake.  As far as I know all the trails are open to mountain biking but some have been particularly built for biking while others are old dirt roads and hiking trails.  The maze of trails there were difficult to map and take an inventory of.  Because of the density expect to be a little confused at times, some are so close together the gps may not be able to distinguish which one you are on.  They are as accurate as I could make them.

Again the White Mountain chapter of NEMBA has done a lot of work here so please support them any way you can.  You will notice on the southern end of the map one old dirt road (snowmobile trail) and a single track that head into the Marshall Property.  You can find a Marshall Property map here .

I hope you enjoy the map and the riding. The map is a Geopdf and will interface with the GPS in your phone if you use the Avenza App.
Click the photo below for the Cliff Area Map

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