Radio Clinic

Thanks for joining the radio clinic.

If you haven’t already here is the link to download Chirp. You’ll need this program for the clinic.

Here are some files and links I’ll be referring to during the clinic that you can download and have. This page will be available for at least a few days after the clinic.

This is a practice.img file you can download and use in CHIRP
This is a practice.pdf file you’ll need for the practice session 
Here is A Word document that explains tones 

Useful links and Documents

Here are two Caltopo links, Chirp files with the data in them, and word documents that list the information to the location of repeaters in WA (For USFS and North Cascades National Park) and NY DEC Rangers. There is also a Word Document with the USFS repeaters in the WMNF and a Chirp file from my UV-5R and the BF-F8HP with those WMNF, FRS, GMRS, and MURS frequencies all set up with Tone and Tone Squelch’s
                   NY Chirp File 
                   NY List in a Word Document
                   WA Chirp File
                   WA List in a Word Document
NH              NH Chirp File for UV-5R
                   NH Chirp File for BF-F8HP
                   WMNF Repeater List in a Word Document


Information about the emergency frequency in France, Italy and Switzerland.

In short it is 161.300 Tone 123.0. If I read this right in France and Italy press the push to talk button and punch the #21414 for an emergency and #21301 to test your radio. In Switzerland just talk. I would double check all of that though.
Below are three links that explain everything I know about the frequency.