Mount Shuksan via The North Face, White Salmon, and NE Ridge

The North Face of Shuksan with the route of our ascent overlaid on Google Earth

On August 3, 4, 5, 2021 I got to climb the North Face of Shuksan via the Fisher Chimneys down the White Salmon Glacier up the North Face then up the Northeast Ridge of the Summit Pyramid. Our descent was via Hell’s Highway, Winnie’s Slide and Fisher Chimneys.  This was a three day trip and we were a party of four climbing in two rope teams. We bivied at the base of the North Face and at the base of the Summit Pyramid on the Sulfide Glacier. During the trip I ran a track each day and ran that data through the Track Parser App I have developed. You can use the Track Parser for free here Track Parser App

The Track Parser gives you 4 data files: A .csv file, an .html file, a .geojson file, and an .xlxs file. The .html file gives you an interactive mph map that is very useful for mountain bikers, skiers, and runners but not very useful for alpine climbs so it has not been included here. The .csv is only useful for those who can manipulate that data and if you can do that you can get the .csv data from the .xlxs file albeit with one more step, so for simplicity and less confusion I have not included it.

What I have included for each day is the Geojson file that when uploaded into Caltopo you get an interactive map with each leg color coded in sync with the row colors of the .xlxs file, a .kml file that will open in Google Earth and give you the data as well in that program. I have also included links to already built Caltopo maps with the data but they are “read” only, though you can export the data from them. There is also the Excel files (.xlxs file) and an overview Geopdf map that will import into Avenza.

I hope you enjoy the data and find it useful.

Click the photo or the link below for the Geopdf

Overview Geopdf 

Day 1 Data

Day 1 Shuksan KML
Day 1 Shuksan Geojson
Day 1 xlxs
Caltopo Read Only Map Day 1

Day 2 Data

Day 2 Shuksan KML
Day 2 Shuksan Geojson
Day 2 xlxs
Caltopo Read Only Map Day 2

Day 3 Data

Day 3 Shuksan KML
Day 3 Shuksan Geojson
Day 3 xlxs
Caltopo Read Only Map Day 3