Online Avalanche Course Resources

Thank you very much for booking a CGI AIARE Level 1 Avalanche Course.

Here is the link to the to the live online class:
This will open a browser tab and you’ll have a choice to open through a Webex Program (if you have it already), Download the Webex Program, or Join From Your Browser. If you are not using Webex regularly I would Join From Your Browser.

Below are notes, links and videos that I will use and refer to on the course or that I feel will be helpful to you in understanding some of the curriculum once you’ve completed the course.

IMPORTANT: Please study the Case Studies, and watch the first two videos before the live online class. Feel free to check out the other links and as well but the Case Studies and first two videos will be important to have studied prior to the online class.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Case Study 2


KMZ File of Kessler Peak (Once downloaded click on the file and it will overlay the map onto Google Earth)


Photo of the Crown Line

Gulf of Slides Avalanche Map

Terrain to Map

Terrain to Map 1

Terrain to Map 2

Terrain to Map 3

Up Hill

Up Hill 1

Up Hill 2

How to Recognize a Wind Slab


Resources Mentioned in the Lecture or During the Field Days

Slideshow Notes This is a PDF of the slides I used during the Live Online part of the course.


Weather Links

Mount Washington Avalanche Forecast

Pivotal Weather 850mb NAM Model

Hourly Observations from Mount Washington

Mount Washington Summit Forecast


Avalanche Studies and Information

Avalanche Problem Toolbox

When to Dig

What Happens if there’s No Forecast?


Maps and Navigation Apps


Guide Pace (time plan app)

Avenza App

Track Parser

Mount Washington Ski Runs

Below is a tutorial on how to get the slope shading color scheme that I use into your Caltopo account. In the tutorial I mention a URL that you need to have to start the process. Here is that URL to copy and paste into your browser once you are signed into your Caltopo account.