Red Rock Canyon Painted Bowl Descent

November 17, 2019

I have done the Painted Bowl descent numerous times both from the top of Solar Slab and Black Orpheus but I never did a GPS track of it. Yesterday I climbed Solar Slab with a friend and tracked the descent. For the most part it is pretty easy to find, particularly the the beginning where you have to locate the start of the rappel into the bowl, not because it is obvious but there are quite a few cairns. Of course in fading light or if the cairns get removed the track maybe very helpful. Regardless I figured I would publish the track and a geopdf map for anyone who would like it.
Here is the the track both as a .gpx and .kml
Painted Bowl Descent GPX (Some browsers add a .xml extension, delete the .xml leaving only the .gpx extension before saving)
Painted Bowl Descent KML
Click the photo below for the GeoPDF. The black line is an approximation of a route described in the Handren Guide, the blue line is the route I travelled.