Moab MTB, Whole Enchilada and Slickrock

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On October 14 and 15, 2020 I got to ride two of Moab’s classic trails The Whole Enchilada and Slickrock. I found these trails very different from each other and unique compared to trails I have ridden in other areas.. The WE was a long trail/ride that went from over 11,000 feet to the Colorado River at around 4000 feet so it rode through a variety of climatic zones. Slickrock on the other hand was all on sandstone with very little vegetation.

The WE was a long ride, about 27 miles but I got dropped off 2.5 miles from the trailhead on Geyser Pass Road and rode the 3 miles from the endpoint at Grandstaff Campground to Lion’s Park in Moab adding over 5 miles to the ride.

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I found the WE to be a good ride but anything that long can’t be fantastic the whole way.  My favorite parts were in the top half,  from the trailhead to the crossing of the LaSal Loop Road. The climb to Burro Pass was really good and I was able to ride most of it. As I got to the pass there was a group hanging out and all I saw was the trail going up Manns Peak. You’ll notice that I went up a bit that way and figured out I blew the navigation.

The descent from the pass reminded me of home a bit. The best part of the decent though was the Hazard County Trail. The up was short but sweet and the down was fast and with good flow that I appreciated since the area is so dry it makes things a bit slippery.

The second half was more desert like and good but not my particular favorite but it was as expected. I will say that when looked at as an entire ride it is an awesome link up that I am really glad I got to do.

I rode the Slickrock Trail the next day. I didn’t know there was a fee to get into the county park it is located in so I am mentioning it here, it was $5.00 for the day so it isn’t expensive.

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I found out after the fact that the recommended way to ride it is clockwise but I had ridden it counterclockwise. Honestly it seemed like they would be about the same. This was a fun quick ride that I enjoyed. It is very different from what I am use to and the friction of the tires on the rock allowed you to climb nice steep hills which was cool. I will say though that riding this trails wouldn’t prepare you really for the WE, to me they seemed very different in style and flavor.

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You can click the maps and data above to get a PDF of those. Below are links for those and the GPX and KML files as well. I hope you find this info useful.

WE Map
WE Data
Slickrock Map
Slickrock Data
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WE kml
Slickrock gpx (Some browsers add a .xml extension, delete the .xml leaving only the .gpx extension before saving)
Slickrock kml