June 3-4, 2019 Presidential Traverse Gear List

Equipment List
Here is an equipment list for you to use. I have hyperlinked some of the items so you can see the kind of thing I am thinking of. Many of the items are from Patagonia that was to make it simple for me since they have lots of this equipment. I wasn’t trying to be that specific, I just figured it would be easier to see what kind of thing I was talking about. As you go through your gear be mindful of weight and bulk, both have an impact on the difficulty of the hike.

To get a better idea of what kind of weather to expect here is a link to the Mount Washington Normal, Means, and Extremes

Hiking Boots
Two Pair of Hiking Socks
Long Pants  (Synthetic/Fast Drying)
Shorts (Synthetic/Fast Drying)
Shirt (Synthetic Short Sleeve)
Shirt (Synthetic Long Sleeve)
Insulation Layer (Light Synthetic Puff or Fleece Jacket)
Warm Hat
Light but Warm Gloves
Sun Hat/Baseball Cap
Rain Jacket
Rain Pants
Sunglasses (no need for high tech glacier style just a good quality pair)
2 One Liter Water Bottles
Pocket Knife
Toilet kit  (Toothbrush/Paste, Floss, Small Soap, Razor, Hand Sanitizer)
Toilet paper
Small Camp Towel
Insect repellant
Medications – Prescriptions, Advil or Tylenol, Blister Kit (Personal First Aid)
Plastic Bags (3-4 One Gallon Zip Locks)
Pack Cover or Large Garbage/Trash Compactor Bag
Hiking Poles
Cotton T-Shirt (For the Hut and to Sleep In)
Long Underwear Bottoms (Can Be Used for Sleeping as Well as Warmth When Hiking)
Earplugs for Sleeping
Camera and/or Phone
Credit Card and some Cash
Spare Phone Battery
Hut Shoes
Sleeping Liner is the minimum you should bring. The huts provide 3 wool blankets for warmth, if that doesn’t appeal to you or you think you’ll be cold since we are up high and early in the season a very light sleeping bag or camp quilt (1.75lbs or less) might be better.


Plan to have drinking water and a complete change of clothes waiting in the car for after the hike.