Ski Touring in Iceland’s Troll Peninsula

In April 2018 I went to Iceland with Andy to ski tour. The touring in Iceland’s Troll Peninsula is logistically simple in that tours start right from the road, there are no trees to obscure routes, and the mountains are below 4000 feet with tours starting from virtually sea level. In the 9 days we were in the Troll we toured 7 days, taking 2 weather/rest days.

Below you’ll find a little video of the trip, the .GPX and .KML file of our tours, and links to Geopdf’ maps of the tours. There are two maps; one is just a topo map the other is slope angle shaded so you can better see slope steepness for planning and avalanche terrain identification. The key to the slope shade colors is in the NE corner of the slope shade map. Since the maps are Geopdf’s they will sync with your phone’s GPS with the Avenza app. You can get them into Avenza with the QR code on the bottom right corner of the map sheet. Here are the links:

Iceland GPX (Some browsers add a .xml extension, delete the .xml leaving only the .gpx extension before saving)
.KML File
Geopdf Topo Map
Geopdf Slope Shaded Map

Enjoy the video remember to put your settings on HD!