This is a rare type of post for me. I have a number of friends heading to Japan to ski or ski guide and since I needed projects to lean how to build maps I decided I would make some maps for Japan. What makes that rare is I have never been to Japan to ski or otherwise–in transit at the airport not withstanding. The maps are slope shaded with the slope key in the bottom corner of the map.

If you are about to head to Japan I hope you find the maps useful. If you use the QR code to get the Geopdf map into Avenza on your phone they will work for as long as this website is up. I would recommend you download the maps and transfer them into Avenza on your phone via iTunes that way you can get them in if you do not have an internet connection.

North of Niseko

SW of Niseko

E of Niseko Yotei

KMZ File  Download and click to open the maps in Google Earth