2017/18 AIARE Level 1, Rescue, and Level 2 Courses

I teach a number of American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) Courses. AIARE is a national organization that has created a standardized curriculum and training for courses and instructors. It is by far the most common curriculum and there are a number of providers both in the Mount Washington Valley and nationally. With so many courses using the same curriculum why should you choose a Chauvin Guides Course? The greatest variable in the AIARE courses is the instructor’s experience, enthusiasm, and training.

Courses on offer:

Three Day AIARE Level 1
This course along with the AIARE one day Rescue Course fulfills the American Mountain Guides Association’s prerequisites for the; Ice Instructor Course, Ice Instructor Exam, and Alpine Guide Course.
Price $350
To Be Announced for 2018/19 August 1 

Prerequisites: You must be able to travel in avalanche terrain, either on foot, snowshoes or skis, there are no requirements for previous training.
Pre-course material to read through
What is covered here
Please contact me if you are interested, marc@chauvinguides.com 


Three Day AIARE Level 2
This course is not required for any AMGA courses. The AMGA Ski Guide Course and Advanced Alpine Guide Course require the Pro 1 Course and the Alpine Guide Exam and Ski Guide Exam requires the Pro 2 Course. Any other profession that deal with avalanche risk should look to their association to see what is required. Neither the Pro 1 or the Pro 2 are scheduled to be run in the Northeast in the 2017-2018 season.
Price $350

Prerequisites: AIARE Level 1 and AIARE one day Rescue Course

Here is a list of my experience and training, which I feel helps make me a well rounded and experienced avalanche instructor:
  • AIARE Level 3
  • AIARE Level 1 and 2 Instructor Training Course
  • American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) Ski Mountaineering Guide
  • AMGA Alpine Guide
  • Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) 7 Day Professional Level 1 Course
  • CAA 15 Day Professional Level 2 Course
  • AMGA Instructor/Examiner in the Rock and Alpine Discipline
  • AMGA Alpine Discipline Coordinator, developing curriculum and instructor training for the AMGA Alpine Certification Program
  • Experience ski touring and ski tour guiding in Canada, Europe, California, Utah and Washington
  • Spent 3 summers alpine guiding in Chamonix, France with International and American Clientele