Marc Chauvin-Rob Coppolillo

This book is targeted towards those who know basic climbing systems already. Have you started to or aspired to climb more advanced routes? What makes routes advanced is not only an increase in movement skill difficulty but more complex risk management problems. Routes that mix weather, time and commitment with movement difficulty require more than just foundational skills, this book is your resource for advanced skills.

Efficient rappel transition for an experienced party of 3

Over the years guides have been working on systems and strategies to increase efficiency, better protect themselves, and those they are climbing with. These skills, philosophies and methods have slowly changed how guides work and climb. What began as professional systems can now be used by club leaders or someone taking a less experienced friend out for a day of traditional rock or alpine climbing. As guides have discovered variations of these systems can be used by a competent team to enhance their security without the cost in time. In fact these systems are often more efficient than typical systems with the increase in security a bonus. 130,000 words 245 photos

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