Caltopo Clinic

Thank you for joining me for the Caltopo Clinic. Below you’ll find some links and info that we will use for practice.

To Prepare:

  1. For this class you should have a computer and a smartphone or tablet.
  2. Although you’ll have some time before the class starts it is best to have a Caltopo account (free version is fine) and the Caltopo app on your phone. This will allow you to save your work. Go to and register
  3. Have Google Earth downloaded on your computer, the web version doesn’t work for the things we’ll be doing.  
  4. You will be receiving a Trial Code at the course giving you a PRO Level Trial. Once you get the code go to go to  to redeem it.


For Use During The Course

Map we’ll work on in the class

ESAW Course Track

ESAW Tour Track


High res LiDAR area map:

Back Country Beta Link

Below is a URL to get mt slope shading into your account.