Mount Washington East Side Climbs and Ski Runs

screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-6-41-07-pmUsing Caltopo and Google Earth I laid out a map with climbing routes and ski runs lined out.  Click this link  to get a Geo-PDF of the map.  I would recommend that you save the map for future use.  You can import the map from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes and have the map interface with your GPS on your phone via the Avenza PDF Maps App.  Android users can also do a similar thing using the system android uses to import files into an App. For iPhone you can check out this tutorial that I made and it is explained in the first 4 minutes or so.  If you want to get the map in by QR code from my site after pressing + in Avenza there is an icon of a QR code in the upper right, this is a change in Avenza since the tutorial was made.  I have included a picture of the QR code in this post. You can also type in the URL of the map.


Here is a movie showing the map overlaid on Google Earth so you can see the accuracy of the map.