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Notice- Fixed gear has been removed from a number of the popular routes listed below. The text for some of these routes is not being updated as this situation may continue to change. As always, don't count on fixed gear being there. Gear has been removed from Thin Air, Upper Refuse, Funhouse, and perhaps others as well.

This section will attempt to describe some of the most classic and popular routes in the White Mountains. The area has an abundance of excellent climbs of all lengths, types, and grades and this page of our WebSite is intended to only introduce a few of the very best to give an idea of what the climbing is like up here on our granite crags. More routes will be added as they become available. Happy climbing!

Thin Air
The Cathedral Ledge classic, Thin Air

Remember, climbing is dangerous. We work very hard to ensure the quality and accuracy of our route descriptions, but there will almost certainly be errors or omissions. Our route guides are only one of many tools which might be used to make your climb a safe one. They are not nearly as important as training, experience, and sound judgment. If you lack sufficient amounts of any of these, the best route description in the world won't guarantee a safe conclusion to a climb. Chauvin Guides International cannot be held liable for anything that goes wrong on a climb.


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