I guess I should start with a warning, the routes below might have errors and does not replace good route finding skills. Use at your own risk.

The Mount Forbidden area of the North Cascades is home to one of the 50 Classic Climbs of North America, the West Ridge. That by itself would make the area special but with Forbidden it is just the beginning. All the ridges are spectacular and arguably the North Ridge is as good or better particularly with the start up the Northwest Face of the North Ridge which adds an alpine ice face to a classic ridge.  I have been fortunate to have climbed these routes many times over the years and that familiarity inspired me to make a map of the routes.

One route I never was able to do because of the time of year I was there was Mount Buckner’s North Face.  I got to the base once but was turned around by weather.  The route I have lined out is the one I had anticipated following since we had plans to do other routes in Boston Basin but I have not actually done that descent from Buckner.  All the other routes I have done and replicated on the map using my memory and by overlaying the map on Google Earth and drawing in the routes.

For those that know how to import a GEOpdf into their phones here is a GEOpdf  map.
Forbidden Map

For those that would like to overlay the map onto Google Earth here is a KMZ file.
Forbidden KMZ

For those who would like a KML or GPX file of the routes here they are.
Forbidden GPX (Some browsers add a .xml extension, delete the .xml leaving only the .gpx extension before saving)
Forbidden KML

I hope you enjoy the map and data.